27 March 2009

Office 2007 menus!

There are lots of things I like about Office 2007 but even after all this time I often struggle to find things that I could do in a flash in Office 97 (which I still use quite happily on a couple of machines!) I've searched and searched through the new ribbons and actually thought that it would have been quicker to search Google first but, of course, by the time you realise that you think that surely it won't be much longer before you find what you want!

Classic things that left me stranded for a while were form things and discovering how to switch off Protection took ages! Even headers took a while at first and I missed the nice tables and borders menu. There is a solution, though: get a 'classic' menu like the one above that should be a much more familiar environment for anyone else like me. It's free, too. Courtesy of UbitMenu as featured by the splendid OfficeWatch people.

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