03 April 2009

Scareware - don't get fooled again!

As The Who said.

You may remember AntiVirus2008 or whatever it was called. You get this message that says you need to get protection which takes you to a site where you were asked to pay money for some software that didn't actually do anything. The virus itself didn't do much in the first place but was very annoying and damn difficult to remove. I know from experience, which is why I want to tell you about the latest, much nastier development.

Called Antivirus2009, you'll get it by downloading some dodgy software or clicking a link in an e-mail to a site that's set to install it and, whereas its predecessor did nothing much, 2009 encrypts your files so that you can't read them. Now that is a pain. So then you will need their FileFix Professional program to unencrypt them. And that'll cost you $50.

There are, unfortunately, so many e-mails going around frightening people about all kinds of totally invented risks and calamities that warnings about this genuine one may also get ignored as yet another hoax. So be particularly careful until your virus protection programme has caught up with this threat and is capable of keeping you out of trouble or, at least, warning you that something's amiss in that innocent-looking music, video or Pictures of Lily download.

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