30 April 2010

Scary apps on facebook

I was going to use the word malicious but you probably reckon you wouldn't possibly fall for something malicious. I damn nearly did though and, as PC Advisor's Eric Larkin nearly did too, the word scary somehow seems more appropriate!

Read what he says and, if you do see a new app that you'd like to play with, resist the urge to be the first amongst your friends to feature it on your page. Check it out. Leave it it for a week and think again. It may look cool but it's not so cool if you have to spend hours a few weeks later wondering why you're getting a load of SMS spam or strange deductions from your phone or even bank account!

I make no apologies for the big text:

be especially wary of any app that claims to let you do something that you can't normally do - such as permitting you to see who's viewing your profile.

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