13 November 2010

1 minute videos for absolute beginners, from Auntie

BBC Webwise have put lots of little videos on-line which answer those little questions you may know the answers to but perhaps some of your students, or your Mum, doesn't. Some seem a little pointless and one even confused me more but most are cute and you may be able to use some of them in a lesson or something.

They're all available at this link.

Here's the list:

  • How do I use a digital camera?
  • How do I stop getting spam?
  • How can I make free phone calls online?
  • What is the internet?
  • What is a firewall?
  • How do I prevent ID fraud?
  • How can I build my own website?
  • What is a search engine?
  • What is social networking?
  • What is podcasting or vodcasting?
  • What is online shopping?
  • Buying a computer
  • What is e-mail?
  • What are computer viruses?
  • How do I download files?
  • What is BBC iPlayer?

As I said, you'll know the answers but FAQICA has to broaden its appeal a bit and the Firesheep post was a bit heavy. Just keeping in with my dumber readers.http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p009sbnn

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