28 April 2012

Adobe Blues

This is so annoying. You get a message to say that there's yet another version of Adobe FlashPlayer when you switch on your computer. You click install and wait while it downloads the 4MB file. That opens and you have to agree to this or that and click another button. Then, after another wait, you get this message. There is nothing else open! I have been waiting specifically for this to do its thing having found before that if I did start doing almost anything whilst the installer's thinking about what to do it stops and tells me to close it. So nowadays I just wait and sometimes it's happy, sometimes it's not.

No thanks, I don't want to troubleshoot anything. If Adobe are going to update their software for reasons totally beyond my comprehension then that's fine but why on Earth can't they just get on with it, like so many other programmes do. They don't bother me. they just do what they're supposed to do and I live my life and they live theirs. How am I supposed to know what may be running in the bckground and even if I did understand what does what I have no idea at all which may or may not interefere with 11.2 and I really don't see why I should be in any way interested in knowing either. Most people switch on and expect things to work. Simple. Occasionally I join the band of geeks who rummage around behind the scene but I'm not sure even that type of rummaging would reveal the problem and it's pretty boring anyway.

I am sure I can manage quite happily without whatever wonders 11.2 was going to bring until it does eventually manage to install itself. However, at College, it's a different matter. There, students have a desperate need to get access to at least a reasonably up-to-date version as many things simply don't seem to work and, although staff and students get similar messages, there's absolutely nothing they can do about them as none of us have any permission to install the changes. There, people do the various clicks and just get told they can't do it after a while. That's been going on for ages and it's a matter of luck whether the technicians' update round happens to come this term or next. We're probably still on version 8 or 9 there by my reckoning and that probably accounts for weird things being needed to play embedded Google presentations. One student discovered that if you press backspace when the page with the errant display arrives then, magically and quite illogically, the presentation is displayed!

So, apart from that backspace trick, this isn't answering any questions... I know. Just needed to rant as Adobe are really annoying these days. And don't even mention QuickTime!

If anyone does know what might be a typical bit of background software running that causes the problem then do let me know. I have no desire to run through everything taking guesses.

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