19 September 2008

Internet Country Codes

If you've ever wondered where that .ky site relates to or what the suffix is for Guernsey then this list provides all the answers.

Now, can I find someone in Lesotho to register bal.ls . . ?

18 September 2008

XP Antivirus that isn't anti at all

This article is from CNET (Download.com) and, having experienced this one myself and knowing several others who are still suffering from it, any free help is more than welcome.

Kill Antivirus XP 2008 for good

Masquerading as software to protect your machine from threats, the "rogue" security program Antivirus XP 2008 uses deceitful and invasive tactics to con users. The fraudulent software will detect nonexistent viruses and other malware and use continuous pop-up windows to advertise the scam. Although Antivirus XP 2008's antics are well known, it seems to have lately affected a rash of new users. It's also doubtful that the scamware will disappear anytime soon. Sunbelt's Alex Eckelberry recently noted the arrival of a new rogue clone, named XP Protector 2009. One interesting aspect of the recent Antivirus XP 2008 outbreak is that many users with adequate protection are still finding themselves infected. If you're one of the many unlucky PC users to get stuck with this malware beast, you don't need to reformat your hard drive (unless you prefer to, of course). At the least, first read Seth Rosenblatt's instructions for removing Antivirus XP 2008. He has step-by-step details in plain language for kissing that rogue spyware pest goodbye forever.

Read more about removing Antivirus XP 2008

03 September 2008

Google chrome shines

It just works. Really well. Very quick and simple download. Your Firefox bookmarks get imported and there you have it in pretty minimalistic Google style. I've always thought Google should employ some good graphic designers and the pale blue may not be to everyone's taste but, when you think about it, a browser really just needs to show pages accurately and efficiently and make it simple for you to get around. Google Chrome does just that, with a few nice touches. The screenshot above is a visual guide to your history which I particularly like, although a clear list is available too.

Chrome will also keep track of the sites you visit most often and automatically provide fast access to them which I really appreciate. Firefox's address bar behaved similarly but this is even simpler.

This really does make Internet Explorer awkward, bloated and old-fashioned.