02 May 2015

Please Google. It's time to update Picasa / Photos to make what should be simple tasks less awkward.

After all this time Google Photos and Picasa are still not working terribly well together. For many tasks, I adore Picasa and find it suits so many of my day-to-day storage, editing and publishing needs.

I would like to see some updating of the slideshow feature which is very old-fashioned now and doesn't display on some mobile or tablet browsers but there are simpler things which just annoy me and could be changed quite easily if someone could get their act together in San Francisco or wherever the teams are based.

Actually some bright sparks could probably recode it from a beach anywhere if they felt that way inclined. Here's an example that might encourage them to get the laptops, sorry, Chromebooks, out.

I maintain a site that catalogues and describes Corgi Toys from the 1950s to 1970s. On each model page I include photographs of items I have or have had in stock. These are Picasa web albums. I tried putting images on the pages but that made the whole site amazingly heavy and was also  pain to update. The album, whilst not displaying everywhere as I'd like, is, at least, a nice simple solution and it doesn't look too bad. If I get different models, I just take fresh pictures and tweak the album set and the changes are automatically shown on the page.

For various reasons, including finding the pictures to upload somewhere like Ebay for example, I need the filename of a photo displayed. Here's the rpocess we have to follow... first, click on the web album...

That takes you to a Picasa Web Album page for that photo. Great, you think, just note the file name. It must be there somewhere. Er, no. It's not. You need the Photo Details page.... click on the link...

Now we're in Google Photos. Same photo, slightly different surroundings. But still no filename!! Heavens, this getting crazy. There's a link on the right to Photo Details. Let's click that...

Hurray!!! Let's jump up and down with delight! It has only taken three or four clicks and several periods of waiting for pages to appear to get here. I am absolutely sure that it ought to be feasible for the filename to be stored within the slide show or, at the very least, be easily accessible at the first web album page that appears when you click the image.

This would save me so much time. Of course, Ebay could help matters no end by permitting us to add images via urls instead of having to upload up to twelve big files every time. But that's another story.

For now, please Google Photo folk, or Picasa folk, make this a bit simpler. And while you're at it, can we please, please have some simple editing tools and better size control for images imported to Blogger? It's not much to ask nowadays. It almost seems like the Blogger, Picasa and Photos teams have been on holiday or maybe they were staffed totally by interns who are now elsewhere.