31 May 2009

Office 2007 Ultimate for £38 or even free

Microsoft sure hid this well. They call it The Ultimate Steal. This is a great deal for anyone who can't get it from their boss (many organisation licences include a Home Use element which is worth asking the boss about) and who is a 'student' with an institution recognised by Microsoft. Most .ac.uk e-mail addresses are recognised.

Here's the link:

Good luck!

10 May 2009

Simple adjustments to images in Serif PhotoPlus

Very, very simple stuff here but some students needed to have some basic instructions on how to get started with making adjustments to images that would be suitable for a rollover effect - each picture being similar but one needing dadjustment for the right effect

Adjusting images using Serif PhotoPlus

Creating a web page and adding (some simple) CSS

Creating a web page and adding CSS

Pretty simple stuff, I know, but I'm having trouble getting some students to get started with CSS and these notes seemed to help a bit as they could kick off in a pretty normal way and then, provided they stuck to the defaults, adding a little code worked wonders.

How can I add tooltips to web page images or links

Well, I'm not sure they should really be called tooltips but here's the low-down on ALT and title text with examples of how to include them.

How and when to use alt and title text

Some more notes I did for a task students will be doing this week which I can share if anyone's interested

How do I create rollover images on a web page?

Creating rollover images: javascript vs css

Some notes I prepared for students which may help someone out there