05 August 2009

I wondered why I was writing to myself

Getting a couple of e-mails from oneself is usually a bad sign. I do tend to talk to myself but seldom e-mail unless it's some kind of last resort method to transfer a file or make a note of something. It is 99% certain to mean that there's a trojan operating on one of my pcs and goodness knows who it's sending spam out to. I discovered the trojan by taking Google's Spyware Doctor for a spin. This free little application found it (as well as a few harmless data collectors) and zapped it in a flash. The full scan (which I'd recommend as these things don't always hide in what even this application thinks are the most likely places) does take a while but it's still faster than Windows One Live Care and a lot less intrusive. Currently trying to run it on Windows 7 but so far no luck - more on that later.

The link will take you to a Google 'pack' of goodies, many of which you may well either already have or not particularly want now. Just remove the ticks as necessary. Even if you think, like me, that you have all the protection you need, this can do no harm and if it all comes up clear that's good to know!