11 August 2015

200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary

I don't often have to bother UK2's staff with web hosting queries but whenever I do they have always come up with good answers and quickly too. I thought I'd write about this occasion though because it seems a bit odd and may have caused trouble for a few others.

Yesterday I was unable to upload files to update any web sites hosted with UK2.net via the built-in FTP client in Serif's WebPlusX7 software. The message coming back from the server didn't make much sense to me either.

This is what I got for one site. The word 'now' was interesting.

Getting this for another site was weird, however. 

I was able to get to the Control Panel and see files by going direct to UK2 and rummaging around there but could not see any clues or, for that matter, a sudden rush of visitors or troublemakers.

So I dropped the Support Team a line and they replied shortly afterwards to say that my FTP client needed to be set to use something called TLS. Now I hadn't changed anything in WebPlusX7. I did wonder whether a recent Windows 10 update may have tweaked something without telling me but I reckon I have updated sites since then without a problem.

I did find a way to change that FTP setting, luckily, and show the place you need to go if you have this or similar software. The Advanced section was greyed out with no tick in the Encrypt connection box. Tick that and you get to access the other bits and need the radio button for TLS on.

Making that change worked and now the uploads run fine. So, thanks to the UK2 Support Staff who gave good advice but I have asked a supplementary about whether the change was actually at their end! If so, then there may be plenty of others who run into difficulties - that adjustment isn't as obvious to users less inclined to fiddle - or, if it was caused by Windows 10 somehow then we need to know. That word 'now' in the server message inclines me to the belief that something changed at their end.

(I never did find out what the too many users thing was all about but haven't seen that since so I won't worry too much about that just now.)

I will add whatever I hear about the encryption later.